Is Jack Binion Full Tilt’s White Knight?

Subject Poker is reporting that Jack Binion is the party potentially interested in Full Tilt, and the person Phil Ivey was with in Ireland recently to meet with Full Tilt execs and stakeholders.

Rumors kicked up the last few days that Ivey was in Ireland with a potential investor that might throw Full Tilt a lifeline of the reported $100-$150 million they need to make US players whole, who to date haven’t received a penny of the $150 million owed to them by Full Tilt.

The rumored meeting is interesting as apparently what sparked the whole Phil Ivey lawsuit against Full Tilt was a previous attempt by Ivey to bring an investor to the table with a deal, which was reportedly rejected by Howard Lederer and Ray Bitar.

Ivey didn’t take that rejection kindly and quickly filed his lawsuit. Whether or not that initial potential deal involved Jack Binion, who knows, but as Full Tilt’s death spiral has continued it could be possible that they’re since reconsidered and welcomed Ivey and Binion back to the negotiating table.

Binion is the son of legendary Benny Binion and is credited with creating the WSOP. He’s worked in the casino industry for over 40 years, most recently as the chairman of Wynn International and working closely with the launch of Wynn Macau.